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Eddie Davis

Mirror Expert Eddie Davis Joins the Family

Gardner is happy to welcome a new team member, Eddie Davis, to our Mirror Operations. Davis is a 30-year veteran of the industry with Guardian/Consolidated Glass. He has extensive experience in silvering and fabrication, as well as Lean manufacturing, leadership development, and wet coatings technologies. His unique skill set will be well-suited to the Gardner family.

While his first mission will be in working with our Huntsville, Texas facility to offer experience, support, and positive encouragement; Davis' expertise will be greatly beneficial to our entire company.

Davis and his wife are parents to 5 children ranging in age from 19 to 4. He also designed and built his home in Galax, Virginia. Please join us in welcoming Eddie Davis' family to the Dreamwalls family.


4th of July Berry Kabobs

berry flag

These patriotic & fruity kabobs from Family Circle are a festive addition to any 4th of July cookout celebration. They're very easy to make, and best of all, they're healthy!


- 12 ten-inch wooden kabob sticks
- 1 package mini marshmallows
- Blueberries (at least 20)
- Raspberries (at least 38)


Thread 4 blueberries, 2 mini-marshmallows and 2 raspberries on each of five 10-inch wooden sticks. On the remaining seven sticks, thread 4 raspberries and 3 marshmallows. The ending result should look like a delicious American flag!


Reflections newsletter is published every month by the Pluminators Gemba Squad. It is posted on/by the 6th of each month.


July 26, 2013


Get Noticed For the Right Reasons

4 for more

Nobody ever wants to get passed over for a promotion. When it happens, people often ask themselves why a co-worker or colleague moves up when they have similar skills or experience. Often, it's all about visibility. Here are a few ways to get noticed by your supervisor for all the right reasons:

1) Step up to the plate. Develop a reputation for stepping up when others stand back. Be the first person to throw your hat in the ring when the boss needs someone to assist with a difficult new project (like rolling out a new collaboration tool), even if it falls beyond the scope of your job description.

2) Make your voice heard. Your brilliant ideas won't help anyone if you're unwilling to share them. Be sure to fill out an OFI card with a way to improve the workflow. Even if it doesn't win the big prize, supervisors that may not have had a chance to work with you will read your idea, and you'll be on their radar. Consistently enter every quarter, and challenge your own creativity.

3) Network internally. Networking isn't "kissing up", it makes you more visible to everyone in the organization. Be sure you attend company-sponsored events and activities with an out-going, positive attitude. Scroll through our daily blog ( at least once a week to be up to speed with our customers' interests and product releases.

4) Keep growing. The big difference between leaders and followers is the desire to keep learning. Make sure you're always willing and able to expand your skills. From forklift training to first aid classes to lean initiatives, Gardner has many opportunities to expand your knowledge. Be sure to take advantage of as many as you can. And if you feel like your skills are lacking in an area, speak up - odds are you're not the only one.

With just a little more action, you can get noticed and begin to be recognized as the leader you are.


Dreamwalls Dazzles At NeoCon Show

Dremwalls montage

Gardner Glass Products recently showcased their wide variety of products at the country's largest contract furnishings show known as "NeoCon" in Chicago. John Myers, Mark Melvin, Mandy Marxen, and Chicago area rep Jay Nichols all attended this show aimed at contract furniture specifiers and designers.

Gardner Glass Products unveiled Dreamwalls Matte Color Glass and Dreamwalls Magnetic Markerboards in addition to showcasing our fabrication capabilities with the waterjet, custom color matching, selective silvering and more. We also showed custom glass tiles, tabletops, mirrors, drawer facings, magnetic markerboards, and wall panels. We spoke with 200 contacts about their projects and will continue to follow up with their glass and mirror needs.


Will YOU be the next winner?

Remember, OFI winners are awarded QUARTERLY, meaning if you didn't get a chance to get your idea to paper, there is still time. All employees, in all locations, in both office and plant environments are encouraged to join. Please see your supervisor for forms and drop boxes are located in the plant and office in N.Wilkesboro. For Indy and TX locations, you may contact Ronnie Blevins at for submittals.

Remember, ALL viable submissions receive a gift card to a local restaurant just for participating. "We invite EVERYONE to participate in the OFI process," stated Ronnie Blevins. "There is no such thing as a bad idea. Help us gain momentum; submit your idea today."


The office at Gardner Glass will be closed Thursday July 4th in honor of Independence Day. The plants will be closed on Friday July 5th.

Have a safe and happy 4th everyone!


President's Challenge

The President's Challenge is in full swing now, so don't forget to keep track of your exercise miles during the month of July!

Remember, for every employee that gets in 12 miles by July 22nd, whether it be by walking, running, bicycling, swimming, etc., our president, Randy Brooks, will do a mile around the track.The office sign-up sheet is located in the kitchen area, and various sign-up sheets are near the time clocks in the plants.

There's just a few weeks left, so let's see how many of us can reach our goal!


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